The best of Youtube January 2018

As much as other people loathe the month of January, it has actually been a very smooth transition into the new year for me. Maybe it was because we didn’t have much of a Christmas, or maybe because I’ve just been so focused on my goals for the year, but I feel I’ve had a very productive and overall successful January. I wanted to share that with you in the form of a list of what I consider to be the best of Youtube – of my own personal videos anyway!

The best of Youtube January 2018 | Nicole Lauren Blake

As I mentioned in my Round Up of Vlogmas post, I want to incorporate my Youtube channel a little more on my blog. It can be hard to get the two to cross paths in a organic way, so to balance it out a little bit, I will be I will be posting The Best of Youtube every month. In these posts I will share with you my favourite videos I have uploaded of that month – whether it be the highs or the lows.

Be sure to scroll all the way through – my favourite are towards the bottom of the post!

1. Free Things To Do in Cairns

I am really happy how this video came out. I tried some new editing techniques that I haven’t used in the past.

2. A Hot Air Balloon Ride over the Atherton Tablelands

This has to be the best thing we’ve done in Cairns so far! It was totally worth the slightly expensive price and the views were absolutely stunning – watch it for yourself.

3. Meet Jeremy 

This has to be my favourite video of the entire month. We finally got around to doing a Van Tour – highly requested by our friends and family. We’re now back in the van for February, so watch out for more van life videos coming soon.

The best of Youtube January 2018 | Nicole Lauren Blake


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