Round up of Vlogmas 2017

Now I know Vlogmas was last month, and we’re like, halfway through January already. But I feel like my blog and YouTube are two separate entities, and I want to sort of bring the two together a bit more in 2018.

Round up of Vlogmas 2017 | Nicole Lauren Blake

I was completely AWOL from my blog in December, and that is all down to my daily uploads over on YouTube. So, what a better way to show you all the fun that I had than round up my highlights here! If you want to watch the whole of Vlogmas – check out the playlist here.

1. Skyrail

This was one of those trips that might at first seem like a hell of a lot of money but in the end, it’s worth every single penny. Seriously, if you are ever in Cairns, do this! The views are absolutely breath taking!

2. My first Travel Tips video

I finally started to film some sit down travel tip videos during Vlogmas. I really want to use my platform to really inspire people to start travelling. If you think you can’t afford to do it – neither could I. But watch this video to see how I saved enough money in just 3 short months!

3. Lonely Christmas Day

With my channel, I not only want to share the highs of travel, but the lows of travel too. And believe me, there are a lot of them, but the good definitely makes it all worth it. Technically not part of Vlogmas (I failed at the last hurdle of Day 20-24) but it’s close enough.

4. Babinda Boulders

This was absolutely stunning, and it is my least viewed video on my channel (WHAT?) It’s hard to explain what Babinda Boulders actually are, sort of a waterfall, sort of a river, most likely rapids. They are just completely unreal to look it, and the water is so clear.

5. Fitzroy Island

This 3-day trip was so good that I had to split the footage into two parts. This trip was part birthday present for me, part Christmas present for both of us. Also not technically part of Vlogmas, but it was intended to be! Unfortunately Fitzroy Island doesn’t even have phone signal, never mind an internet connection to upload a YouTube video… hence why Vlogmas failed. But there’s always next year right?

I’m so glad that I took part in Vlogmas in the end. It really helped push my content creating skills as a whole – I feel like the quality of the footage got progressively better and I’ve now managed to be able to fully edit and export a video within an hour!

Let me know which your favourite video of Vlogmas 2017 was in the comments!

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Round up of Vlogmas 2017 | Nicole Lauren Blake


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