Top 5 apps you need while travelling

I don’t think we’d have gotten as far as we did on our first leg of our Australia road trip without these top 5 apps. Travelling across the country meant that time would sometimes slip away from us and we would be so taken in by the views and what we were experiencing, we’d forget about a couple of things – like where the next petrol station was, or where we were sleeping for the night. These apps helped us get out of some sticky situations, and also helped us to be as spontaneous as possible. Some of these apps have location specific versions, and I will link all of the Australia versions, as these are the ones that I have been using.


Photo by Justin Main on Unsplash

1. WikiCamps

This has to be our most used app throughout our whole road trip portion of us being here in Australia. You do have to pay for it – £4.99 if I remember correctly – but it is 100% worth the price. Some nights we were really in a pinch when it come to finding somewhere to sleep (which is why you don’t really see our campsite experience in our vlogs), and this really helped us find the best free campsites.

If you are completely winging your trip, like we did, then this is an app you really need if you are simply picking your destination day by day and are unsure where you’ll end up. You can also favourite and rate campsites so you can easily find that campsite again in the future, or just find out what other people thought of it before you get there. The rate feature really helped, as sometimes we’d find a campsite that seemed to suit our needs, and then the comments would tell you that it was closed, or that it was only suitable for self-contained vans as there were no toilets.

I’m so glad I made the choice to buy this app, as it helped us find this amazing camp in Bouldercombe!

2. FuelMap

Another app that is great if your trip is spontaneous. It allows you to search for the closest petrol stations to your location, and you can filter it by type of fuel and also find the closest or cheapest options available. Great for when you have a budget, or when you’re dangerously close to an empty tank while on the road.

I find that this app it a lot better than just putting “petrol station” into google or apple maps, as it shows you all the prices and every single petrol station in your vicinity. Also, quick tip – we found United to be the cheapest petrol station in Australia, so look out for those. You could also totally use this in every day life too, as the prices get updated by users, so they are nearly always right.


I am a huge advocate for Booking .com and I personally feel that their prices are nearly always cheapest. Their site is easy to use, and whenever we’ve stayed somewhere, we’ve always used them. Their app is just as easy as using their website, which I think is one of the main reasons why I love it. I find that a lot of hotel and flight company’s apps are generally nowhere near as good as their website.

Once you’ve booked so many times with Booking .com, they also give you a thing called Genius Rewards, where you can get special discounts and perks with a number of different hotels across their website – great for saving a bit of money.

4. Uber

No matter where you go in the world, if it’s a big city, there’s always Uber. I’m not really one to get Ubers everywhere – but if I need to be somewhere quickly, or I just don’t feel confident using public transport, I will use Uber instead. We used it on our 8-hour layover in Singapore (blog post here, video here) and when we arrived at Brisbane airport (vlog here), which really helped when we were jet lagged and time constrained.

5. Monzo

This is one I was unsure whether to recommend or not, as I’m not sure if they are still offering their pre-paid cards or not (I checked, and it seems not). But they do have a waiting list for their current account for new members. I think existing members can apply for their’s now though – something I won’t be doing until I’m back in the UK.

Monzo offers instant insight into your spending, budget breakdowns month by month, and fee free spending abroad! Yes you read that right. Spend your money for free. We have used the pre-paid card in Amsterdam, Oman, Singapore and Australia. It is super easy to transfer money onto it and we haven’t had any trouble using it anywhere. It’s a shame they have stopped doing the pre-paid card, as it’s such a money saver for travellers, but the current account just means you can easily use it in everyday life too. I will definitely be switching over once we return home.

Are there any other apps that you just can’t live without while travelling that I’ve forgotten to include? Let me know in the comments.

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