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When going on a road trip there are certain things you shouldn’t forget, but always seem to do. This list of road trip essentials will help you pack your car up with everything you NEED. Forget what you need for the car, this isn’t the post for that. This post is all about having the best road trip ever! Unless you break down… then you’re screwed.

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This is the most needed essential on this list. And it goes without saying that you need it, but especially so if it’s a hot country, like Australia.

Every morning we would wake up and fill our smaller water bottles with water from our 10L jerry can. When we pulled over for lunch, we’d refill. Sometimes if we were really thirsty, we’d pull through the closest McDonald’s drive thru for a Frozen Coke. One thing I have definitely learned from that experience is – I will always be thirsty. When the heat it beating down, you’re stuck in a tin can and there’s roadworks ahead with crappy aircon, it really makes you sweat. I would highly suggest taking multiple individual bottles of water per person and then refilling them every morning and lunch, rather than just having one each – it just wasn’t enough water for the drive.


When you get a little bored, a little peckish or you’re just fed up with plain old water, it is always great to have a few snacks handy. Now depending on the length of our drive, would determine whether or not we’d have snacks in the front of the van – if it has 4-hours and up, then we’d have at least one snack, or stop off to pick something up at the closest supermarket.

Probably the best thing to have (especially when it’s hot) is crisps. They don’t melt or spoil quickly and if you’re the driver, you can quickly stuff a handful in your mouth on the road. We mainly had crisps, but we occasionally stopped off for a chocolate bar or a soft drink. I would recommend having things like crisps, cereal bars, etc. handy in your vehicle, and then stopping off for chocolate and drinks on the way. It’ll avoid it from getting too warm, plus it breaks up the trip just that little bit.


There is nothing worse than being in the middle of a 6-hour road trip, when the scenery starts to blend into one and you’re constantly seeing the same cars around you. On our first few days driving, we did short little trips, but towards the end, we had long slogs of road with very little in between. Being able to have our own music on was an absolute dream and we had a lot of fun with all our choices.

We use Spotify and pay for premium, and I’m so glad I carried on my subscription while we’re out here. You can also get Apple Music or Prime Music, they all work the same, and I also have Amazon Prime still running, but I just prefer Spotify because I have all my playlists already there.


A absolute must on any road trip. There’ll always be a point where the sun is in a position that your sun visor just won’t cover. Don’t be like Alex and have to buy a pair mid-trip!

Polarised lenses are best if your the driver, as these help reduce glare. Even as a passenger, when I’ve left my sunglasses at home or in the back of the van, I have massively regretted it, and even ended up with a huge headache from all the squinting!

Sun cream

If you’re rolling your windows down like we do on our road trips, you’ll be surprised how tanned (and burnt) your arm closest to the window gets. It got to the point on our Brisbane to Cairns road trip that even when we knew we were going to be in the van all day, we would cover our arms and legs in suncream, and even choose our clothes so they would cover up any sore parts. Also this stops you from getting an awful T-shirt tan – something Alex is still rocking.

No matter whether we drive for 6-hours or just under an hour, you can visibly see the difference in colour on your arms – and if you burn easily like Alex, you will be regretting not wearing suncream! Unless you have amazing air-con, then we’re jealous!


If you are a coffee lover just like we are, you will need your daily coffee. If you’re lucky enough to have a solar power inverter with plug sockets, I would highly recommend buying a travel kettle. It is one thing we forgot to pick up before we set off on our trip, and it would have saved us a hell of a lot of money. Having to find a coffee shop every morning not only takes time out of your day, but also a huge chunk of money out of your wallet. Compared to a travel kettle and a jar of instant coffee. It’s not as luxurious as a barista coffee, but it’s a road trip – there’s nothing luxury about it!

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    Georgiana Teglas
    November 2, 2017 at 4:08 pm

    Snacks and a good playlist are mandatory in order to have a successful trip:)

    Georgiana / Beauty Nerd

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