Town of 1770 – Australian Road Trip

Town of 1770 was recommended to us by my Uncle who had previously travelled Australia. If he hadn’t, I’m not sure we would have even heard of this place never mind accidentally found our way there. When we arrived, we were amazed by how stunning the view was. The quiet calm of this small town just made our day there feel even more special.

Town of 1770, Australia

Despite its odd name, this small bay is truly spectacular and a great stop off for lunch or just to laze on the sand. There were a number of different types of people visiting – ranging from families, to young couples like courselves. Although there’s little around the main beach other than a caravan park, a cafe, public toilets and a number of boats anchored up, it just shows that its beauty was bringing all sorts of people, from all different generations.


While we were there, we took a stroll along the sand and just took everything in. It was a nice change to being cooped up in the stuffy van, and the sea breeze was so refreshing. One thing we did notice, as we were walking onto the beach, was the warning signs for Stonefish.

Now Alex and I, having only being in Australia for around a week, had zero idea what this dangerous fish was, but we recently found out on a trip to the Cairns aquarium (vlog coming soon). We had initially got our swimming gear on to go for a paddle, but after seeing this sign and then looking at all the boats in what little water there was left at low tide, we thought the better of it. There were a couple of kids actually swimming in the shallow part of the water, and I have to say, they were a lot more brave than me, as I only managed to dip my feet in for a minute!

Town of 1770, Australia

Towards the left side of the beach, it gets a little rocky. We saw some people come from what looked like a long walk from that direction, but didn’t want to venture too far around – just in case there was no other way off and we got stranded when the tide started to come in. Can you tell I’m a little scared of the sea yet?!

With lots of small seafood cafes and eateries dotted around the area, you will be spoilt for choice. We drove a little further up the road and went to Madonna Cafe, where we eat some lovely home cooked style food. I have a spaghetti bolognese and Alex had pie and chips. One last thing about 1770 – if you are following the road signs, make sure you’re paying attention! We noticed a number of different ways that this town was signposted. The main ones being Town of 1770, Seventeen Seventy or just 1770. What the correct one is we’re still not sure!

Town of 1770, Australia

Camp for the night

We drove on to find camp for the night and found another free camp (we use WikiCamps to find these), next to the Boyne river, just before you reach Benaraby. Fellow campers were very friendly, and at times sort of felt like you were staying in a little community.

Some vans looked as if they had been there for a fair few nights with their awnings and washing lines out – despite the 20-hour rule this free site had – but it just added to vibe this camp had. The house next to this campground was filled with artwork made from recycled metal and was interesting to look at. The amazing views of the river made this camp an absolute pleasure to be in, and kind of made me wish we’d stuck around for a little longer.

One thing you will find in a number of these free camps, is that they are full of retired Aussies travelling around the county. This is one thing we didn’t expect when we started this journey, and expected to be joining fellow backpackers, especially in the free sites. But find out that wasn’t the case was an unexpected surprise, and actually, made the whole experience a little bit better.

Older people always have a lot better life advice and travel tips that us young folk sometimes miss. So hearing that we’d be fine getting a job and the best places to hit on our way up was a nice little reminder that doing what we were doing was the right thing! 

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