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In recent blog posts you may have seen a few things in the background from a recent Coconut Lane order of mine. I recently became a Coconut Queen also (look out for a discount code at the end of this post) so I really wanted to give a lot of their products a try before I started recommending the company to people. I will say before we dig right in that I love everything that I received, and that this is not sponsored and that I purchased everything with my own money – the discount code is an affiliate code however though, so if you don’t feel comfortable using it then don’t, but do know it will help me out a lot!

First off I will start off talking about the company itself. Coconut Lane is run by two best friends Charlotte and Jessica – who are #GirlBoss goals in my eyes. They describe their company as “the ultimate in chic homeware and fashion accessories – bringing you class, sass and a bit of Mean Girls bad-ass along the way.” And that is exactly what you get! They have a range of on trend sunglasses, to phone cases, and sassy walk prints to colourful notebooks – and everything in-between. Coconut Lane is the perfect website for the fashion forward, trend seeking millennial woman. Whether you love marble everything or bright pineapple prints, there is something for every taste.
I got a range of items from Coconut Lane, including prints, notebooks, jewellery and stickers. But the first thing that I will talk about, which is by far my favourite purchase out of the bunch, is the Marble phone case. If anyone knows me, then they will know how often I drop my phone, and as of yet, I have yet to crack the screen (touch wood). And I have this baby to thank! Not only does it look amazing, but it is doing the job by protecting my phone. I’ve had the case on for about 2 months now and (after countless drops) there’s only two cracks, and slight wearing of the paint around the edges.
Two things that I am completely in love with at the moment are flamingos and pineapples – tropical tack – I just cannot resist, so it was obvious that I just HAD to get these stickers! They come in a pack of two and they look amazing on my Mac. I will say that the pineapple one is a little tricky to place due to it being multiple separate pieces, but the flamingo is super easy, I just wish they came in a mirror image instead of both facing the same direction.
The prints that are available on Coconut Lane were what first attracted me to the website. There are so many options, including colours, fonts, but especially the sassy quotes! I currently have three – two printed on white and one printed on black. I personally prefer the white background, but it is nice to have the option. The quotes of the prints I chose say “Coffee, Contour, Confidence.”, “Blog, Insta, Coffee, Repeat” and “Be a Diamond in a World full of Rhinestones.” I can’t wait to get some simple black frames for them and to put them up in front of my makeup table.
When I found out that they started stocking notebooks I just had to get some. With flamingo and marble prints I simply couldn’t resist! There are a number of different styles available including quotes, bright graphics (such as the flamingo), and laid back marble tie dye effects. The only down side to these notebooks is that the pages are blank, and I prefer lined, but that can quickly gotten over. I also really appreciate the amount of pages in these, as I am the kind of person who can never finish a notebook as I have a new one waiting to be used! I always end up with having endless half used notebooks lying around – but these are the perfect length.
The next on my Coconut Lane wishlist it definitely the Mac cases and a pair of their sunglasses! Their product range is continuously expanding and they offer a number of other things available on their site that I haven’t even mentioned, so it is definitely worth checking out.
Now the time you have all be waiting for – DISCOUNT CODE! So, if you use my code NLB20 you will receive 20% off of the whole website. As I said at the start of the post, this is not a sponsored post, but this is an affiliate code. 
Also, because I love this brand so much, I want to do a little giveaway. I will be sending one lucky winner the pineapple and flamingo stickers, the “Be a Diamond in a World full of Rhinestones” print, as well as the silver ring that can be seen in these pictures (also from Coconut Lane but no longer featured on their website). Just follow the instructions on the raffle copter form below to enter to be in the chance of winning! It will run for two weeks starting from the day this post is published (03/08/16 – 17/08/16) GOOD LUCK!

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I now have a discount code for Coconut Lane! Use NLB20 for 20% off the entire website!
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