Review: The Body Shop Moisture Foundation

If you haven’t seen it already, I reviewed the newest foundation in the Body Shop’s collection several months ago. After trying the Fresh Nude foundation I was eager to find the right Body Shop foundation for me – as some of you may already know I have such a huge love for the brand and my skincare consists of a large amount of their products.

While looking at their site, I came across the Moisture foundation – however there were a very limited number of shades available and I’m awful at picking the right shade for me online. Luckily, when going into my local outlet shop to stock up on my skincare, I saw that they had a number of the Moisture foundations in stock. So after swatching them all on my hand, and even a little on my neck just to double check, I settled with the shade 05. Now the first thing that I will say about this foundation is the colour match for me is spot on. I have never had a foundation as perfect as this one in terms of colour match. I am extremely yellow toned, yet quite pale so finding the right shade for me always ends up with me going darker. So anyone like me, this is the foundation for you!

Secondly, my skin is also really dry, so I usually have trouble with foundations clinging to my dry spots and settling into fine lines and pores. This foundation does not do this – it also leaves my skin feeling and looking smooth and soft. With one layer it gives a light to medium coverage and can be built up without looking cakey. Another great thing about this foundation is that you don’t need a lot to cover your whole face – about half a pump.

I do find it is quite a runny formulation and it does need a quick shake before you dispense it. I do however love that about it, as it is very light on the skin and feels as if you aren’t wearing anything on your face – it also means this foundation will last you a long time! The wear of the foundation is great and normally lasts me throughout the day, even while I’m at work as a waitress. The one thing I find is that the redness of any sort of spot or scaring from a spot does tend to peak through towards the end of the day, but that doesn’t really bother me and I don’t go to great lengths to conceal them either or set all over my face with powder – two things that would stop this from happening.

Overall I would recommend this to anyone with super dry skin, such as myself, and is a perfect foundation for everyday! I wouldn’t reach for this for a night out, as I find the coverage and the wear just isn’t as good as some other foundations, and does contain SPF.

Nicole ♥

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