Review: MAC Lovejoy Mineralize Blush

When I first purchased this product, it wasn’t really something that I thought was worth reviewing. I’m not one for any sort of sheen or shimmer being in my blush, so I’m not quite sure why I bought this. I also really love soft muted pinks on my cheeks so this is a whole different level for me.

MAC Lovejoy Mineralize Blush review

When I first used this blush, I used the Real Techniques Blush brush – bad move. This is really quite a pigmented shade and is rather deep for my skin tone. Any sort of blush brush is a bad move (unless you have a deep skin tone, then I’m sure you could pull it of). I ended looking like a burnt clown. For the next few months I looked at in sat in my drawer. I loved the colour, but I just wasn’t sure how to use it and for it to look good on me. You see, the colour is very strange – in the pan it looks as if it could be a bronzer, but it doesn’t work that way on the skin and has a red/pink undertone to it.

MAC Lovejoy Mineralize Blush review

After looking at it every day wondering how I was going to make it work, I thought about how I applied my contour. I like a very lightly contoured look that it incredibly blended, so I use a stippling brush. The bright idea came to me that this might work with this blush – and it did! Once I had figured this out and lightly blended over my cheeks – no bronzer, contour or highlight in sight – it gave my the most gorgeous warmth to my face, like I’d just been out in the sun for a couple of hours. The bronze flush it gives you when applied with a light hand is perfect for the summer months. However, keep other products to a minimum, such as contour and highlight, as it can just end up looking very over the top. Lovejoy gives off a lovely sheen anyway, and can look great with an extremely light contour and MAC Soft and Gentle well blended into the high points. One thing to avoid with this blush however, is blending it into the hairline – unlike Benefit’s Dallas which can he taken up on the the forehead strategically, Lovejoy just looks wrong.

MAC Lovejoy Mineralize Blush review
This is definitely a blush for someone that is more skilled in makeup and someone who prefers to build up their cheek colour as it can be quite disastrous, but all of the work that is needed to get a gorgeous look is definitely worth it, especially when you don’t really need to use any more cheek products. Lovejoy is now definitely my go to, everyday Summer blush.

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