March Favourites 2016

This post might be a little late than the usual monthly favourite post, but that’s just the way I am. The thing is, I had already filmed this video last week ready for the weekend, however the lighting was so awful, the footage had to be deleted. So this week’s blog post is my March Favourites.
Polaar IceSource Moisturizing gel

So I got this in my March Birchbox and at first, as I am with most sample moisturisers, I disregarded it and thought I would take it away with me with the many other skincare samples I have. I very much have a set skincare routine, day and night, and for something to be added to that, it has to be amazing. On a whim I was looking at the bottle and underneath the directions of use it said “can be used as a makeup base”. This got me all excited, as my very dry skin has been acting up under foundation and making it look all crusty and weird (gross I know). Anyway, no amount of moisturiser or primer was helping the situation, so I thought I would add this into the mix. I apply it after my moisturiser but before my primer and I have noticed my skin to be much more hydrated and smoother from this. I need to buy myself a full-size bottle of it, however it’s £27. Also this version is made more for oily skin, and they have a dry skin version, but I’m unsure whether it will work as good as this one. I’m also not very familiar with the brand (other than it’s actually for men), so I’m not sure where I could get a sample from or where I could purchase it. If anyone has used Polaar before then I’d love to hear from you!
Rimmel Lasting Finish foundation

This is a foundation I’ve been on the fence about since I bought it. As you already know, I have dry skin and I find that any sort of long wearing foundation or anything with a remotely matte finish tends to cling to my dry areas and also settle into any lines or pore I may have. And, at first, this is what this foundation did. However, I saw one of my friends was wearing this foundation and it always looked amazing on her, so I decided to try it out again. I’ve found that if I prep my base enough and also apply a thin layer then it wears beautifully throughout the day. I’ve also found that the best tool to apply it with is my hands, as they warm up the product and just help it to melt onto my skin. It is a full coverage foundation and it does well to cover up my redness, however the shades run slightly on the pink side, which I don’t like, but I manage to make it work on my skin tone. I just love the finish it gives my skin and also how long it lasts throughout the day (I’ve applied it at 7am and it’s still been strong at 1am the next day).
Makeup Revolution Pro Fix Oil Control fixing spray

When I first purchased this fixing spray, I hated it. It smelt chemical, it made my face matte and therefore made my skin look dry. However, the lasting power of my makeup when wearing this is amazing! Generally now, I use it after I have applied my foundation and concealer and then continue to apply the rest of my makeup and then use MAC Fix+ to make me look dewy and radiant again. I just have noticed a considerable increase in the wear time of my makeup with this product. However, next time I do want to try the normal fixing spray from Makeup Revolution.
Benefit Dallas blush

I recently bought this blush with my Birchbox points. My sister has it and it always looks lovely on her. If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, or even watched any of my Youtube videos, then you know that I love “natural” blush shades – and this is just it! It’s described as a sunset plum and I like to use this as a blush and a bronzer; it sounds strange but it just works. In the colder months and coming into Spring, I feel silly wearing bronzer as there just isn’t any warmth or sun to make me naturally tanned, but this blush just gives you a warm glow that you can use on the apples of your cheeks, cheekbones, temples and even your chin to give you a fresh looking warmth to your face that looks healthy – like that first day tan you get on your face when you’re on holiday. It’s replaced my Hoola bronzer (review here)!
Soap & Glory Archery brow tint and pencil

I’m not sure if I’ve included this in a Favourites post before or not – I’m not even sure if I’ve spoken about it anywhere, but I’ll be surprised if I haven’t! (HERE) I have been loving this pencil since I bought it, however for the past two months I have used nothing but this in my everyday makeup routine. I’ve even started using it to get the initial outline of my brows when I want a more dramatic look when I go out. However, by itself for everyday wear, it gives the most natural, yet defined brows that any product has ever given me. Normally, I would like a shade that is a very dark brown, almost black colour as my brow hair is very, very dark, and that’s just the look I like. However the pencil of this quite a light-ish brown and rather ashy in colour so it means my brows look very natural. The felt tip side is slightly warmer in colour and darker, but that side has run out really quickly and is super faint now so the colour has to be built up. However this side helps to further define my brows, but in a subtle way.
Model Co More Brows brow gel

This product works well with the previous, and is another thing I received in my March Birchbox. I have it in the shade Medium/Dark and it is also an ashy brown shade, the same as the Soap & Glory pencil. This brow gel has tiny little fibres in it to help the brow look fuller, which means it also works well alone and helps leaves my brows looking well kept but also full and defined, even on minimal makeup days. I do find that it doesn’t tame my unruly brow hairs quite as well as some others but the effect it has on the way they look, I’m happy to over look that and it is the most reached for brow gel out of my collection.

Arrow Boost color enhancing lip balm

This, again, came in my March Birchbox, what can I say, this month was a good one! Now I’m not normally a fan of lip products that change colour according to your pH, as they always seem to be an awful colour that just doesn’t suit me, however this one is different. The formula itself is lovely an thick, but not sticky, and it also stays on your lips, meaning that once it has finally worn away your lips are beautifully soft. It also isn’t heavy and you barely know its there – which is surprising for a thick lip balm. It also has a subtle mint scent, which I wish was stronger, but it is still lovely nonetheless. The colour it changes to on me is a subtle, but deep true pink, and looks lovely whether I’m going for a full face of makeup or more of a no makeup makeup day. I’ve also been using this every night before I go to bed during my nighttime skincare routine and my lips have never felt as soft!
Jelly Pong Pong pencil

This also came in a Birchbox but it was a couple of months ago – I think it was January. This has been a favourite of mine since then. It’s an off-white pencil that you can use in your waterline to brighten your eyes, or blend into the skin to highlight. I prefer to use this in the waterline, as I have been so busy lately that my eyes have been a tell tale sign of the lack of sleep I’ve been getting! It really helps with the redness and helps me to look more awake. Because it is off-white, it isn’t as harsh as a full on white pencil and looks quite natural, which I like.

Soap & Glory Sexy Motherpucker lip lacquer in Charm Offensive

I got this lip lacquer in a Soap & Glory Christmas gift set that I bought myself at half price in the sale. At first I loved the colour, but didn’t think it suited my and I just didn’t like the glossy finish. However I really wanted it to work, so I kept trying it on, and finally it has grown on me. It does initially apply quite thick, but after a few minutes wear it blends perfectly into the lip and gives a lovely, and relatively long lasting colour, and without too much stickiness. This is something that has been continuously thrown into my bag the past few weeks and I love it! Although, like the glosses I thought it would tingle and make my lips bigger, but it doesn’t, and I like that.
Agave Healing oil treatment

This is another product I bought with my Birchbox points (I promise this post isn’t sponsored by Birchbox!). I got sent this about a year ago in my Birchbox and it did absolute wonders for my hair, it also lasted months for a tiny little sample. The actual product does miracles and leaves my dry, frizzy hair so soft and manageable, I could not live without it! The only thing I hate is the bottle, which has a dropper applicator that just doesn’t work very well, as the oil is so thick it clings to the side and drizzles off everywhere. Besides that, it is marvellous and can be used on wet or dry hair, and I use it on both – wet when I’ve just washed it to ensure my frizz is tamed, and dry to add moisture to my dry ends on the days in between washes. If you struggle with dry, fizzy, curly or coarse hair then this will be an absolute life safer for you! My hair is so much shinier and softer thanks to this oil.
And that’s it for my March favourites. I applaud you if you sat through and read all of that! Unfortunately, as I said I filmed a video for this but the footage was awful. I did really enjoy writing this however, so hopefully you can see that!

If you fancy joining Birchbox, or just buying your beauty products from there (I would, the point system is so worth it), then feel free to use my link HERE to receive £5 worth of points to spend in the Birchbox Shop!

What have you been loving this month? Have you tried any of these products? Let me know in the comments!

Nicole ♥

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