Review: The Body Shop Fresh Nude Foundation

As soon as I saw that The Body Shop was coming out with a new foundation, I had to try it. This range looked like it would have the perfect shade for you – with 16 shades and going darker and lighter than most drugstore foundations, I thought I would finally find my perfect colour match.

Now, let me just take a second to tell you how incredibly hard it is for me to find a foundation that matches me perfectly. I am very yellow toned, however in the winter time, I’m quite pale too. This leads to me having to wear the right tone of foundation, but in the wrong shade. That’s right, I wear foundation that is too dark for my skin! If I go any lighter, the pink tones in most pale foundations make me look strange. So – I’d rather be too dark than look super pink and strange.
Back to the original subject – the foundation. Looking at all the colours online I had decided that 026 Fiji Sand would be perfect for me, but for some reason it wasn’t showing up online, like at all. For weeks I would check and check and still on Fiji Sand. That forced me to go into store. Still no Fiji Sand, and I went into three stores, and even asked the shop assistants – they had no idea what was happening with the Fiji Sand shortage either. Anyway, these trips to the shops gave me the chance to test out the other shades just in case maybe Bora Bora Tiare or Bali Vanilla were the perfect match, but alas, too light and too pink. This concluded, that to me, Fiji Sand was my perfect match. So, when it finally came into stock, I snapped it up!
I had high hopes for this foundation – I had seen a couple of bloggers talk about it and the description on the website had me sold. It was supposed to give 24h moisturisation, a semi-matte, fresh faced finish, basically, all of this sounded great for my dry skin! The website also stated “With a semi-matte finish, each of these 16 nature-inspired shades mimics the look of fresh-faced natural skin with a nude glow.” To me, this sounds like it was going to be a dupe for NARS Sheer Glow! I was so ready to love this foundation in every way.
The first wear of this foundation, I started to fall in love. It applied so smoothly and perfectly and I didn’t see any fault throughout the day. Plus, the shade seemed perfect for me! The next time I wore this foundation, however, it was not as great of an experience.
I wore it to work, where I’m a waitress, and usually have long, incredibly hot days. This foundation did not enjoy my hard work and turned into a sweaty mess on my face. It wore horribly and began to cling around the cracks of my nose, a place that I don’t normally have dry patches. I stayed away from it for a while, not wanting this to happen again. The next time I tried to wear it, the colour just seemed all wrong to me, I thought it might have been the lighting, and continued to blend on my face. Basically, I looked like an orange mess, I don’t know what happened, maybe I needed to shake it, I’m not sure. The last time I tried to use this foundation, I applied it with a brush, to get an even coverage, and then I took my damp beauty blender all over my face to really push the product into my skin, to make everything look seamless and blend evenly. This really did help as I found it didn’t settle into my pores or in around my nose etc. throughout the day. I have still found that the colour isn’t as perfect as I expected it to be – it is very yellow toned, but it is still too dark for me. I’m not sure if it oxidised in the bottle or not though.
The thing I noticed on the change in how it sat on my skin was the application. Every time I try a new foundation I apply it with my fingers, then with a brush and then with a beauty blender, just to see what was suits the foundation, so I would definitely say my fingers worked the best, as the first application was my favourite.
The actual foundation itself isn’t very thick and is incredibly soft to touch, both straight out of the bottle and once it has been blend out onto your face. When it wants to play nice it gives a natural perfected sort of look and is a light to medium coverage. It also has a slightly floral scent, probably from the rose water that is in it, the scent is rather nice though, and I hate rose normally. It also says it is suitable for sensitive skin. The packaging is lovely too with a sturdy lid and pump.
My overall verdict for this product: I don’t love it as much as I wanted to! The fact that it is so hit or miss on whether or not it will look good on my skin puts me off from reaching for it often. I might come back to it during the summer when I am slightly darker and my skin isn’t as dry, but for now it will have to stay at the back of my collection along with Revlon’s Color Stay!

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