Is it worth the hype? Revlon Colorstay foundation review

Colorstay is a product well talked about in the beauty world, and even if you haven’t tried it you know that it has a good reputation among bloggers and vloggers – which is one of the reasons I wanted to try it for myself.

Now I’m going to tell you from the start, that I do not like this foundation one little bit. Quite frankly, I wish I’d never wasted my money in the first place!
Firstly, I’ll start off with the basics. I bought the formula for normal/dry skin, as my skin can be very dry at times, and I also have the shade 180 Sand Beige. According to the bottle it is also meant to wear for up to 24 hours and give a flawless look and have a lightweight feel. It also contains SPF 20.
Now I simply don’t know where to start with the points that I truly dislike about this product, so I will start off with before I bought it. Me and my sister went into Superdrug, and I’m sure there were a couple of £’s off Colorstay at the time (normally £12.99), which is why I considered buying it in the first place. We looked at all the shades and I also swatched both the dry skin version and oily skin versions on my hand and decided I wanted the dry skin, as it felt more dewy. I also couldn’t decide between two shades, the first being the one I ended up buying 180 Sand Beige, and the shade slightly lighter than that 150 Buff.
About and hour after applying Revlon Colorstay
Neither looked right for me, so I ended up getting 180 as it was slightly more yellow toned, and 150 seemed slightly too light for me. (Looking online 180 is now “Nude” and Sand Beige is “200”) The colour is just totally wrong for me, it’s just a really weird tone and I don’t know if that’s because of the way it applies on the skin or it’s the actual colour, but it’s not too much darker than my skin tone, but no matter how much I blend down my neck, it still looks off.
As I’ve already mentioned the application above, I’ll now move onto that next. No matter what I use to apply to my face (and neck), whether it be a beauty blender, a brush, or even my fingers, it just comes out patchy and uneven. There are a number of reasons for this, the first being that the product dries too quickly, meaning that you can’t blend it fast enough, and also the formula is too thick. I’ve also tried mixing other products with my Colorstay, but nothing seems to mix well.
In the end, it makes my already dry skin look even drier, with partially blended patches on my face. I also find it sticks around in creases quite unflatteringly. Basically, even with a good primer, I found the application did not give a smooth or flawless appearance.  I also thought using a damp beauty blender would fix these problems, but I felt the product was so thick it just stuck to the sponge.
People online, for years have raved about Colorstay’s great coverage, and that is another thing I find completely wrong. It has to be the worst foundation I own for coverage, and it the one I need to use most concealer with – mainly due to it’s patchy application, as I am very lucky and very rarely get any blemishes.
The picture above shows the wear of the foundation, and as you can see, it doesn’t last as long as the name suggests! If it looks patchy when I first apply it, how can I describe it once I’ve worn it for a few hours? My redness shows through even more, especially around my nose and chin area.
All in all, you can already guess my answer to the question of this post – Is it worth the hype? Yes, that’s right, my answer is no! Definitely not! I hate it! It’s awful!
Just because I hate it though, doesn’t mean it might not work for you, as all skin is different. If you have dry skin like mine though, I would probably stay away!
If you have any tips on how to use Colorstay, then let me know in the comments – I hate for products to go to waste.
Nicole ♥
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