Beauty Unboxing: Brichbox October 2015 – Back to Basics

So my Birchbox* was a little later than usual this month, so I haven’t had much time to try out all the products yet, but I will try and say as much as possible about them as I can!

I’ll start off with talking about this month’s box as a whole – there were a choice of two boxes this month, the first being an exclusive Stylist guest editor box, or the special curated Back to Basics box. As you can tell by the title of this post, I chose the Back to Basics Birchbox! I chose this mainly for the products, as they seemed like ones I would use the most, and therefore get more out of the box as a whole. This month, you also knew exactly what would come in your box, so that made choosing both easier and more challenging! I do think I picked the right box this month however.
Now, on the the products – I will start off with the main sample that made me pick this box. And that is the Bioderma micellar cleansing water. I already have the full size version of this, but I am forever decanting micellar water into little travel bottles when I go away anywhere, and it’s usually a messy process in which a lot of product gets wasted (I’m so clumsy), so having a mini version of this is great!
The next product is something I thought I’d never see in a Birchbox! A toothpaste. Apparently it helps to Regenerate enamel on your teeth – something I didn’t think was possible! I’m looking forward to trying this out and seeing if it works, as the enamel on my top two front teeth is really quite thin. The one thing I noticed though is that it’s glittery! Like Princess toothpaste, haha!
I also received this top coat by Seche Vite. I have yet to try this out as I can’t have my nails painted for work, but you can’t go wrong with a clear nail varnish! I actually don’t own one at the moment, and this is full sized, so I’m happy to receive this in my box this month!
Most disappointingly I received shampoo and conditioner by Beaver that were terribly small in size – the conditioner sachet won’t even cover all of my hair. I feel that they should both e the same size, but you get 20ml less of the conditioner. The shampoo however does smell nice. I’ve yet to use these and will probably save them for when I got away somewhere.
Lastly, the thing I was most excited to get inside my Birchbox this month was the Eyeko Fat Liquid Liner. This liner is amazing, really pigmented and black, which I find is sometimes hard with felt tip liners such as this. The only thing I dislike about this is the fact the the tip is so thick, that is makes it really hard to wing your liner out without is going wobbly! It is do-able though.
I will say, the only downside was, even though we got two full sized products in this box, the sample sizes could have been bigger. Overall I’m happy with the choice of brands and products, and I know I will use all of these samples, even if I use them for travel!
I really enjoyed the overall design of the box this month also, even though the design was very minimal.
If you’re thinking about joining Birchbox, follow this link* to start off your Birchbox points worth £5!
On the final note, I’d just like to apologise for the terrible photo’s – I love writing this post every month, and for me to be able to post this, it meant having to use these terrible photo’s. I hope it didn’t deter from the content!

Nicole ♥
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