Confessions of a Shopaholic: My very first Lush haul!

I’ve had products from lush in the past, such as when the store first opened in my town yeeears ago, and for Christmas and such. But for years and year, the initial hit of scent gave me a headache and set my allergies off.

I stayed away for years, and now, looking back, I feel like I’ve missed out on A LOT! I slowly got over the sneezing fits, and after watching multiple Lush hauls on Youtube, I really wanted to try somethings out for myself.

I first started with a Christmas present of my boyfriend, as that was Superbalm (for his dry scalp). I went into the store, intending to look around… and that’s when terror struck – I don’t know anything about ANYTHING! What is this for? What does this do? It this any good for my skin type? Will this work on my hair? So I grabbed the tin and ran.

I tried to return many times before. I wanted bath bombs, soaps, face masks and every type of “bar” you could think of! But I didn’t want to ask an assistant, and everything I’d researched online had escaped me!

So I put off my Lush haul and carried on researching and watching endless hauls to curb my craving.

This was all until a couple of weeks ago when my best friend, Lucy came back from travelling having lost all her cosmetics and needed to replace them. This was my time. “She knows everything about Lush,” I thought, “She can tell me.”

So we talked about a few things, what I’d seen, what I was interested in getting, getting her opinion. And BOOM! as soon as I walked in the shop, all we’d talked about had already left my head. The endless choice is just so overwhelming – and I just can’t afford to buy the whole shop.

So I went to a lovely sales assistant (I didn’t catch her name) and she gave me a few tips on items that would suit me. I told her about my skin type and what I wanted from a product and what type of product I wanted. And these are what I ended up with!

Out of a number of products she suggested would be best for me, I chose to buy the Full of Grace facial serum. If you’ve seen my Everyday skincare routine, you’ll know I have dry skin, so I love to keep it hydrated. One of the main ways I do this is at night. The Full of Grace serum is a solid bar which you can either warm up in your hands or directly on your face.

It’s full of great things such as rose petals to calm redness, and vitamin E that helps hydrate deep down in the skin. I was really interested in this because it was in a bar form, and thought that it would last quite some time. It’s also great to give yourself a mini facial massage! If you’re interested in learning more about this product, I found this great video with some tips!

The next product is something my best friend pointed out and suggested I try, and that is the Dream Steam toner tab. If you’ve never used one of these before, all you do is pop it in a bowl full of hot water, put your face over the bowl and drape a towel over your head and let the steam get deep into your pores.

I was really excited to use this, and after using it, I probably will get it again, as my skin felt a lot cleaner and clear. On the downside, I found that putting a towel over your head made the steam a little too much for me to breathe in, and felt like I might have passed out (I was quite ill), so removed the towel. By doing this I feel like I didn’t get all the good benefits out of it that I could. Maybe next time I won’t use hot water straight from the kettle!

The next product was something I chose myself. Now I’m not one for soaking in a bath full of bubbles and scents (although I may have just changed my mind thanks to this baby), so this was a surprise from me. I had, however, seen this product online and wanted to try it out for myself – and I’m so gland I did.
It’s the Intergalactic bath bomb. I’ve already had the chance to try this out, and the end result of it is amazing! It’s so colourful and full of glitter and the scent is so relaxing! I will be posting a full review and video on this product in the near future, but for now, here’s a short video from my Instagram of it mid-fizz.

A video posted by Nicole Lauren Blake (@nicolelaurenblake) on
Lastly, this was something both my best friend, and the woman at the till suggested to me – and told me it was even better than Batiste – and that is the No Drought dry shampoo.
This was an impulse buy, but I am so glad I reached for it! It really is better than Batiste! The scent is amazing – I literally think I could smell it all day. It’s easier to use than I thought and also doesn’t leave a noticeable white cast on your hair. I can also tell this is going to last me a long, long time, as me and my boyfriend have been using it for a few weeks now and we have barely touched the surface!
And that is it for my first EVER Lush haul! I cannot wait to go back – there is so much I want to try – I’m sure there’ll be many more hauls to come!
Let me know what’s your favourite and what you think I should try in the comments!
Nicole ♥
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