The Melt Crowd Review

I’m not sure exactly how popular this subscription is, but as soon as I heard about it, I had to try it. This is a wax tart/melt monthly subscription by the candle company Flamingo Candles.
Flamingo Candles is a brand that I’ve been following for a while, so when I knew I could try out a number of their fragrances for £10 a month, I jumped right on that! You also get a free wax burner with your first month.

I’ve been receiving these boxes for four months now, and finally thought it was time to share my experiences.
In a nutshell, every month you get a box of eight wax melts. The fragrances are different every month, and range from sweet, fruity and flowery, to musky and deep, to clean and fresh – so there’s something for all tastes!
Now onto the box I received this month.
I won’t go into great detail about all of the scents, but I will tell you my opinion about each one.
Now this Jamaican Cafe & Walnut scent melt is by far my favourite of the bunch. It’s a deep smell and I’m excited for my current one to burn out so I can pop this in! Also a great Autumn scent.
This is a lovely light scent and refreshing scent – one I wasn’t sure on when I saw what it was, but it’s growing on me every time I smell it!
The cocktail scented melts are some of my favourites that I’ve received in past boxes, so this is yet another good scent, light and slightly fruity, but not over powering.
A rather sweet scent, that reminds me more of caramel than Creme Brulee. Unsure whether I actually like this one or not, but I think it will be better in the burner.
This one was a bit of a disapointment. I was expecting sweet, sugary goodness, but it doesn’t really smell like anything at all. Maybe it was over powered by all the other strong scents…
I was expecting this one to be extremely fruity – and I was dreading it. It isn’t however, it is very citrus-y but light and refreshing too. I think it might be the lemon peel! Not my usual scent, but I can work with this.
I’m not a fan of Lilac at all, but the Rhubarb balances the smell to something that I might just be able to tolerate. It is definitely one that would be used in the bathroom though (when I finally get around to getting another burner).
Again, I absolutely despise Rose! But this one doesn’t smell as awful as I thought, as the Marshmallow brings something in that makes the scent tolerable. Another bathroom scent though.
Let me just tell you my only problem with this subscription. The wax melts take so long to burn that I simply cannot use eight melts in one month. I must have used two in the space of four months. So I now currently have a box full of wax melts and tea lights ready to be used. 
For now I have suspended my subscription and I am also planning on getting another couple of burners for different rooms for the house. Some scents just better suit different rooms.
Once I’ve burnt through some of the melts, I will definitely start the subscription again. I find it a good way to discover scents, and also try out the scents before you buy them in candle form online.
You also receive scents that are exclusive to the Melt Crowd, which aren’t available to purchase online. I also received a bag of scent eggs one month, which are designed to makes up your own concoction of fragrance.
If you’re a candle freak like me, this is a good, cheap way to get your home smelling lovely and you don’t have to commit to just one fragrance.
Nicole ♥

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