TheBalm’s Balmsai Palette review and tutorial (video)

As soon as I laid my eyes on this palette I knew I needed it! It’s just right up my alley!

I will literally use every single shade in this palette and I love how there’s a mixture of nudes (In the buff) and colours (Mavericks), such as purple, blue and a sort of khaki-silver colour, which I think is slightly harder to find in palettes that are currently on the market.
The thing that sold it to me however were the shades that you can use as either a shadow or a brow powder (Curve & Angle) and also the ones you can use wet or dry (Catch a Wave) to create winged eyeliner! It also comes with eyeliner and brow stencils, which are nice to have, but I find them harder to use than mapping the shape freehand, so I seem to have lost them!
In the Buff (Basics)
Mavericks (splash of colour)
The packaging is also thin and streamlined, great for storing away nicely. It has a magnetic closure and a large mirror on the inside, which also makes it great from travel!
Curve & Angle (brow/shadows)
Catch a wave (wet or dry)
Now I’m normally a bit weary when it comes to buying rather pricey eyeshadow palettes (I think it was £30 from, but there was a special offer and it came with a mini sample of Cindy-Lou Manizer which is a blush/highlighter/eyeshadow. I personally think it’s too light to be a blush and too dark to be a highlighter and just doesn’t seem to sit right and look pigmented enough to be an eyeshadow either, so from the sample, I wouldn’t buy the full size.
Cindy-Lou Manizer sample
I do highly recommend the Balmsai palette. the shadows are soft feeling and blend really well. There are so many looks you could make from this palette. I wore a look I made with this palette in my April Favourites video. I did however, film me creating the look and generally playing around with the palette.
Liner and Brow stencils/Shadow shield
I will go to say that it has to be my favourite palette that I own, I don’t use it as much as I’d like to though – quite frankly, I forget I even have it! Due to the range of colours in the palette. it’s not the first one I reach to if I want a nude look or a really colourful one either, and that’s such a shame!

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