Is it worth the hype? Benefit Hoola Bronzer review

This product I mentioned a couple of months ago in my April favourites, and I’ve decided to write a quick review of Benefit’s Hoola* for you!
The reason why I have, is because from the first time I saw this at about 14 years old, I wanted it. The only thing that put me off was the price (£23.50) and that I had never tried it and knew that I liked it, so I could justify spending all that money on one thing, when I could just do a whole shopping spree in Primark instead.

Now I lusted and lusted after it on and off for six years, and I still couldn’t find the guts to spend over £20 on a product… £20 is like my weekly shop! Anyway, while on the ferry coming home from Amsterdam, I had some leftover Euros, and I spotted Hoola, which was now £19.50! £4 discount seemed a lot to me, so I jumped on it and bought it! I couldn’t say no, as I’d just be umm-ing and ahh-ing for another few years.
At first I was so happy, it was the best thing I have ever bought! I included it in my favourites, so I really did love it! Now, a few months down the line, it isn’t my most reached for bronzer. It is apparently Britain’s Number 1 bronzer. 
I feel like it is probably best used in the colder months, as it’s not quite dark enough for my personal taste during the summer and my skin is getting slightly more tanned. I find that now, it does look a tiny bit orange on me now.
It does however blend so flawlessly and seamlessly and gives an amazing, sort of airbrushed look to the skin! I personally feel there should be a few other colours (lighter and darker) in this formula, as I would totally buy them all!
However, I do think that it is the perfect transition shade when used as an eye shadow in the crease! I also use it lightly when I’m wanting some definition on my eyes, but don’t have enough time for full blown eye shadow or liquid eyeliner. 
Overall, is it worth the hype? I’m on the fence about this – but I think I’m going to have to say no. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a lovely bronzer and I’m so glad I own it, and I would probably buy it again. It isn’t however, as big as the hype suggests (or, my own personal hype that I created for myself). It may just be because of the long long long time I was lusting after it though!
If you are like me and are lusting after it, then I just say go for it, buy it, try it for yourself, at least you’ll be happy that you tried it and now own it, even if it’s not as perfect as you imagined.

Nicole ♥

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