What’s in… my everyday, morning skincare routine (for dry skin)

Hey guys! This post is a bit later than I’d usually post it, but I wasn’t actually planning on posting anything today due to deadlines at uni.
 I did, however, have a Youtube video on the back bench in case I needed it, so after finishing and submitting my assignment early this morning, I thought I may as well upload it!
So here is it, my dry skin skincare routine! I noticed a lack of these on Youtube, as I’ve been searching and searching for ways to combat my awful dry skin. This is my morning skincare routine that I do everyday.
If you’re interested in the night time routine, then feel free to comment down below! That’s much more intense and I feel is what has changed my skin from super dry, to almost normal skin!
I hope you enjoyed this video! I’m loving making these, so I’d love to know your thoughts!
Nicole ♥
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