Is it worth the hype? Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip Brow Pomade review

If you’ve seen my Lust List, then you’ll know I’ve been wanting this for a fair few months now! I’ve spoken about this in my April Favourites as well, so I’ve had over a month to try it out and see if it actually is worth the hype.

If you haven’t heard of Anastasia Beverly Hills and their amazing brow products, you’ve clearly been living under a rock. They took the internet by storm with every Youtube Beauty guru and their Mum using ABH Dipbrow or Brow Wiz! And when I saw how amazing everyone’s eye brows turned out to be, I need to get my hands on some!

Now I chose Dipbrow (but I will soon get myself a Brow Wiz). I chose it because I wanted something that I could treat myself, and my eyebrows to on nights out (or everyday) that would make my eyebrows on point! And that is exactly what it does!
Using this with an angled brush just perfects the shape of my brows and makes them look like I’ve spent so much time on them, when actually it’s only taken me a couple of minutes! It is slightly more time consuming than using a pencil though, just because you have to put it on your brush and dab off any excess. I also like the fact you can go as soft, or as bold as you like, therefore creating different looks with the same product.

The packaging is also very lovely and sleek looking. You also get a hell of a lot of product (4g), and I’m kind of scared it will dry out (which I’ve heard happens)! The lid screws pretty tight though!

I picked up the shade Ebony, which I believe is the darkest shade. I personally think this is the perfect shade for my eyebrows (that are nearly black), however if used too heavy handed-ly, then it can come across as quite harsh. I may one day pick it up in the shade below, just for a comparison.

Overall, I am in love with this product and the look it gives. I love it for everyday wear, as well as evening looks. It is also super long lasting on your skin, as it dries very quickly, and it hard to rub off with just your hands! This is a big plus for me because I forget I have makeup on and rub my face a lot!
If you’re thinking about buying this but worried about spending £15 on a pot of eyebrow stuff, then I would say go for it, you won’t regret it. Just makes sure to get it in the correct shade for you brows. I was scared that Ebony would be black, as the name suggests, but it is actually a very deep brown shade. There are plenty of swatches online, so be sure to check them out before taking the plunge!
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