Beauty Unboxing: May Birchbox 2015 ♥

This has to be the best Birchbox* I’ve had yet! I think I said this last month… But I just love everything I got inside!!

This month’s theme was “Free your mind” and based around creativity. The products came in a white box with patterns all over it (as pictured). I will go into further detail about this further down the post, but I really love the style of the box and the whole concept around it!

Because I was liking the look of everything inside, I was eager to try everything out, so this will be more of a review this month!

So I’ll just jump right in with the products I got inside!

I’ll start off with the product I got to choose this month. The three products were from the nail brand Wah London, and you had the option of picking a nail polish, a nail art pen or a set of stick on nails. I chose the pen as I felt I would get most use out of it, as I used to love trying out nail art on myself, and it was something different for my collection (which has dramatically shrunk in size since I started working as a waitress)

I was hoping for it in white, however I got it in navy blue (shade 09), which is a colour I like to wear on my nails, so that was good. Initially I just thought it had a nib that, when you squeeze the tube, the polish comes out of, however, I discovered it has both a nib AND a striper brush! So very handy! I will add that this is a full sized product!

The next product I will talk about is the thing that got me most excited when I opened the box, and this is the Mirenesse Mattfinity Lip Rouge. I was so excited to try this out as matte liquid lipsticks are one of my obsessions at the minute!

I got it in the shade Paris, which is a lovely berry shade great for day or night. The only problem with this is that it doesn’t live up to it’s long-lasting claims, and for some reason on me, it does not dry down at all. It in fact stays rather creamy and slides straight off my lips with any form of contact. It does feel nice on the lips, and has a velvet like texture.

I wouldn’t buy this out of my own pocket, just because I like to be able to forget about my lipstick some days, and not have to worry about it being all over my face when I’m out and about!

The next product is something I will 100% send my money on, and this is the RMK Eye Makeup Remover. Unfortunately, you can’t see in the picture but this is one of those removers that is half oil, half liquid. I have found that this is the best eye makeup remover I have ever used. It takes it off very quickly, doesn’t clog up my lashes, doesn’t spread the makeup all over my face and is also very gentle on my sensitive eyes. The feeling of this is lovely, however it does have a kind of plastic-y smell, but nothing too distracting, and it doesn’t linger. I love this so much, I have used this almost everyday since I got it, and the bottle is now half full!

This is another thing I was very excited about, the Parlor Moisturising Sea Salt Spray! I was after a salt spray for a while, but the ones I’d used in the past just didn’t give the results I was looking for. This, however, I think may be a perfect match! Just one spray and scrunch and my hair has some great beach-y texture! I did only use it a little bit, as I felt that too much might result in a rats nest (the hold seems good too), but I may consider the full size of this too! Very quick product, and don’t have to drench your hair with it!
I have tried the brand Caudalie before thanks to my Feb Birchbox, and was excited to see this Radiance Tinted Moisturiser in the shade 01 Light in my box this month! And I have to say, the colour is perfect for me. I had been looking for a good BB cream/tinted moisturiser for a long time, and I’m glad this came in my box. It has a nice thick consistency, so I know it’s going to be moisturising on my skin, and it gives good coverage too (for a tinted moisturiser). So good that, on your good skin days, you could go out with that on, and very very small amounts of concealer and it looks like a good coverage foundation! It’s not too thick that it’s greasy either. Works well on it’s own and under makeup… I think I’m on to a winner here!
And the last thing that was in the box was the Number 4 Lumiere d’Hiver Reconstructing Masque. I was worried this sample size wasn’t going to cover any of my hair, as it’s thick, long and very dry, so drinks up any kind of conditioner I use. This however, went a very long way! I started at the roots, and had enough to cover my whole head, bar the roots. It smelt lovely, and felt good in the shower. Once my hair dried though, I didn’t notice any sort of difference to what it normally is (I use a lot of post-wash treatments), the only thing was it was a little more curly than usual. Nothing incredible.
So, back to the theme of the box. As I said above, the theme is “Free Your Mind” and is based around creativity. The box is designed around the idea of you, yourself being able to decide what it looks like, and colouring pencils were provided for you to do so.
Once finished, you are able to submit your customised box for a chance to be voted winner by other customers for the prize of £500!
If you’re interested in subscribing to Birchbox then click this link to gain yourself 50 reward points (worth £5) just for signing up… It’ll also give me them too!
I am thinking about posting more about the point system, so if you’re interested in that, then do let me know in the comments below!
What are the things that you’d most like to try?
Nicole ♥

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