My first MAC products!

You may have noticed me asking questions and looking at posts in the blogging world recently on the subject of MAC Cosmetics. And, this is all because I have decided to finally take the plunge into the world of MAC!

Before I did this though, I wanted to do my research. I wanted to know exactly what products I wanted to buy, and wanted to buy them because I liked them, not because of the hype around them. I had a long list of products and very few ideas of what I really wanted – but before I went in I had narrowed things down to a few products and a few shades that caught my eye.
Now one thing’s for sure, a MAC counter is a confusing place for a newbie! Where is everything? What is this? Do they have this in stock? How do I get the products? And I will tell you know, I will probably stick to ordering online in the future, as I just don’t like the setup. I did however, like that I got to see the products in person.
I went with getting a lipstick and Fix+ in mind, along with anything else that caught my eye. The lipstick shades that I had in mind were Brave, Velvet Teddy and Russian Red. I never actually saw Velvet Teddy or Russian Red, but I did see Brave, and what it was in person was no reflection on the swatches and pictures that I saw online. I hated the colour, and was so glad at that moment that I didn’t go off my impulse the week before and order it online!
I must have taken about 20 minutes mulling over the lipsticks, picking them up, looking at the shade and finish and swatching them – picking the same ones up time and time again.
I eventually settled on Captive and Mehr. Unfortunately, Captive was out of stock. Next I decided I wanted a paint pot, as I want to start doing some eye tutorials on my Youtube. I decided on Soft Ocher due to my yellow undertones. I was so close to buying this just over a year ago, but never did. I wish I had as, after the first use, I love it! (I have dark and red eyelids, so will be great on a everyday basis, making my eyeliner look more crisp)
I didn’t actually get a chance to look at much else, I didn’t really know where anything was, and what I could touch or what was display, whether I should take it to the counter and ask, whether I should ask a member of staff or leave them to get products for the girls waiting at the till.
Overall, I enjoyed being able to see the products and make an honest judgement, however I hate the whole set up of the MAC counter. Maybe if I hadn’t have gone on a Saturday and felt like I had more time to look, instead of feeling like I was in the way of pre-teens trying on every single lipstick, I would have felt more comfortable.
Enough of the experience, now onto the products and WHY  I decided I wanted these.

Fix+ £15.50
This was one of the first things that I decided I wanted, and the only thing I knew for sure I would be leaving with. I wanted it because of it’s multipurpose-ness. If you don’t know already, I have super dry skin, so anything that can help combat that, I’m open to. So the fact that you can use it before and after makeup was so appealing to me, as it is an added source of hydration. Also, I love the fact that it can be used to slightly dampen brushes to increase pigmentation of products!

Matte Lipstick in Mehr £15.50

I picked this shade because A) It’s matte (long lasting, versatile, my favourite finish) and B) It’s a natural, “my lips but better” colour. It’s a nice muted pink-y nude colour which is right up my street. It can be applied lightly of a more natural look, or layered for more pink.

It smells like vanilla (read this and you know I’ll be obsessed) and the lid clicks on so tight! I feel I may have started an addiction here, and my have to collect ’em all!
Paint Pot in Soft Ocher £15.50

Pretty much already explained this one, but yeah. Great base or eyeshadow and evens out skin tone on eyelids more than any eye shadow base, or even concealer, I’ve ever tried!

Luckily, when I went in, Debenhams were having 10% off health and beauty that day, so I got 10% off of my bill, making everything £13.95!

Now I’ve written this I feel the need to go onto MAC and scout out the things I want next! Roll on next payday!
Nicole ♥

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Nicole Lauren Blake

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