Bargain Buy: 30 years of L’oreal Color Riche lipstick swatches

I was scrolling along Instagram a few weeks ago when I came across a few pictures advertising an offer I just couldn’t refuse!

L’oreal were celebrating 30 years of their Color Riche lipstick range and were lowering the price of 14 lipsticks in their newest line to £3 on the Superdrug website for one day only! I couldn’t pass this up, so went over to the site to have a nosey!

When I got there, there were only 12 shades that were being displayed on the dedicated promo page. I started putting a few shades in my basket and then I realised they were also on the L’oreal 3 for 2 promotion, so I threw caution to the wind and put all 12 in my basket! I think I missed out on the dark purple-y colour and a light nude.

I’m so glad I did, as there are a number of shades I would never usually buy but are my favourites of the bunch! In the end I got all 12 for £24, which works out at £2 a lipstick (RRP £6.99). An absolute bargain if you ask me!

So these will go in order of the top picture (I moved 430 further down the line in the second picture, third right)

130 Androgyne (Matte finish)
I thought I would hate this, as I usually don’t suit light pink lipstick. With the added fact of it being matte, I was scared for how opaque it would be. However, I find it more sheer than I expected, and I think I could get good wear out of this! It can however be built up to be more opaque and brighter.

136 Flamingo Elegance (Satin finish)
Again, I was scared of the lightness of this lipstick, however I like it one my skin, very natural and cute. Can again be built up to create a brighter colour than shown.

632 Greige Amoureux (Slight frost finish)
Lovely everyday lip colour. Light pink toned nude (my favourite), which would go amazing with a smokey eye. Has little silver glitters in.
640 Erotique (Matte finish)
This is my favourite of the lighter shades. Very my kind of lip at the minute, warm toned, matte, nude!
431 Fuchsia Declaration (Frost finish)
This is the one I like the least, mainly because I don’t think I suit frosty lips, and I know I will get very little use out of this. However I still think it’s a gorgeous colour and will try to make this work some how!
134 Rose Royal (Satin finish)
Trying this one in the picture, I loved it. However I wore it in Amsterdam with a pink coat and gold hoops and I looked too Barbie Chav for my liking. I still love it as a colour, but will team it with more appropriate attire next time! Has a slight less sheen the the rest.
132 Magnolia Irreverent (Satin)
I was very surprised with this one, I thought I would hate it with it being so bright and pink. However, it’s more purple-y on the lips, which I love! Perfect for summer nights out.
364 Palace Vendome (Satin finish)
I’m not too keen on this shade. It’s a pink toned red, and feel I wouldn’t get wear out of it, as would rather put a more true read lipstick on. Still a lovely colour, however application was harder than the rest with this one (smudging).
228 VIP (Matte finish)
This one is the most multipurpose colour, as it can be applied quite sheer to begin with to add just a pop of coral if you’re not too daring with this shade of lip yet, or built up to a lovely bright but muted coral colour. This is among my favourites!
229 Cliche Mania (Matte finish)
My new obsession is coral and orange toned lips! Perfect for going into Summer, and less harsh and a lot more fun than red! I love this! Again, I would say this is more of a demi matte!
430 Mon Jules (Matte finish)
Lovely medium berry colour. Perfect for a more dramatic night out look during Summer or a bold daytime look in Winter. 

703 Oud Obsession (Satin finish)
This one I thought would be a lot darker and hard to wear, however it’s a lovely dark red/brown colour and it a favourite of my boyfriends (thought he would hate it!). I feel this one would be great to use for an ombre lip too.
What do you think of these lip colours? Which is your favourite? Let me know in the comments!
Nicole ♥
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    Caitlin Mayhew
    April 30, 2015 at 3:14 pm

    As if you bought all of them!

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