Confessions of a Shopaholic: Mini Essence haul and review

I’m unsure if I’ve even mentioned this, but ever since I started blogging, I’ve been dying to get my hands on some Essence products.
I’d seen them in Wilko’s and even seen there own stand alone store in the Arndale, but I just thought they were some cheap brand that wouldn’t be any good.
However, after reading reviews on other blogs, my estimation in them grew, and I needed to own something of their’s!

So, one day I found myself walking past my local Wilko’s, so decided to go in and have a quick peek at their stand. Now, I had a few products in mind that I wanted – these being the nude longlasting lipsticks in the shades 03 come naturally and 05 cool nude, and also the how to make your brows wow makeup box.
Unfortunately, they didn’t have everything that I had hoped they would, but here’s what I picked up in the end.
(Below order)
Lip liner in 07 cute pink, 12 wish me a rose, 11 in the nude and 13 transparent

These are nice and soft, so easy to apply and to ensure you have a nice crisp line, but not too soft that they smudge everywhere. I have only really used 11 in the nude properly, and it keeps my lipstick on nicely! I personally think the transparent one doesn’t really work, I think it’s too soft, but then again I haven’t used it properly!
These are great to quickly expand your lip liner collection (which mine is in dire need of) as they are only £1 each!
(Swatches in opposite order of above)
Nude Longlasting Lipstick in the shade 05 cool nude

I love this lipstick! These sort of tones are very me at the moment, the dark nudes, Kylie Jenner look, minus the over drawn lips! When you first apply this, you think “Long lasting?! Yeah right!”, just because it is soooo creamy feeling on your lips! However, every time I’ve worn it, it has dried down (without drying your lips) and left a sort of stain there, which is strange to say for a nude lipstick. Maybe I’m explaining it wrong, but it is long lasting! Even more so with the nude lip liner!
Unfortunetly, come naturally was sold out, and when I stumbled across the store in the Arndale, the only one left was all squished inside! 
Blush up! in the shade 10 heat wave
Now when I saw this, I got so excited as it made me think of the blushers in the MAC Toledo range! I needed it! An ombre blush, how exciting! To be honest with you, I haven’t actually used it yet! I’m a little scared of it to be honest. I’m one for a natural blush (watch my Youtube video, see how many times I say natural), and this seems a little bright and bold for me! On a night out it might work out good though! For what might be a dupe for the Toledo blushers, it’s only £3.50!
And that is everything! There are a number of other things that I want to buy now! I’ve also just found out that Wilko stock Essence online, so click here if you fancy buying some!
I literally have a basket full, so you could be seeing another Essence haul veeeery soon!
Nicole ♥
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