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Even thought we’re almost half way through March now, I’m going to share my February favourites with you! There have been a number of new products I have been trying the past month since I’ve started my blog. Most of them you’ll see mentioned somewhere or other, Twitter and Instagram mainly! (Finding the time to swatch things and take pictures is hard with my busy chicken restaurant waitress/student lifestyle).

Maybelline Colour Tattoo in Creamy Beige

So this purchase was inspired by Essie Button’s video (not the exact one, but I can’t seem to find the right one, I watch too much youtube). I have seen these talked about so much all over the internet and they never really appealed to me. Until I found out they weren’t all shimmery.

They have just a few colours that are matte (although I have started seeing a few specks of glitter in my jar, but not on eyelids). Now I’ve used this though, I am considering buying a shimmery one now, I love it that much!

I haven’t tried it as an eyeshadow base yet, but some days I just chuck it on to give my eyes a little depth when I’m not wearing eyeliner, either all over the lid and into the crease, or just smudged into the lash line.

I haven’t quite got the hang of applying it yet, and sometimes find it a little bit hard to blend evenly, I still feel it has a nice, “I’ve-put-myself-together-today” look though.

Benefit Roller Lash mascara

I got this as a sample size in the March edition of +ELLE UK. I was so excited to try it as I’ve never actually used a Benefit mascara before, and was dying to, but the price wards me off – especially when I’m perfectly happy with any from Maybelline. I mean… what if I don’t like it?! Wasted £19.50 for nothing!!

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However, now I’ve tried this, I would definitely think about buying it; I have never seen my eyelashes look as good! The only downside is that my lashes feel heavier than usual, and a little bit sticky – this does mean the mascara stays all day and doesn’t flake off though.

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Here’s a little pic from my Instagram of me wearing the Roller Lash and the Colour Tattoo.

Benefit POREfessional primer

Another sample, this time from a link I found on Facebook.

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I’ve noticed that since I’ve been trying to really hydrate my dry skin, that my pores have been getting more visible. Nothing else seems to cover them and correct my skin tone a bit apart from this! I love it! I am actually thinking about buying it when I get enough Birchbox reward points. I even like it better than my Body Shop Instablur, and I thought that would be my holy grail primer!

Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge

Generally dubbed as a dupe for the Beautyblender, I decided to buy this and try it, seeing as it is a fraction of the price.

I won’t apply my foundation with anything else now! I love it that much I might splash out the £16 for a Beautyblender!

Real Techniques Setting Brush

I’ve seen this in Youtube videos and I really have a problem with my concealer creasing because I don’t have a brush small enough to set it properly. So I bought this and I love it, I want another one!

It’s great for all over my face too, as I have dry skin and don’t always need a lot of powder all over my face, just in certain shiny areas. I have also used it for highlighter and I loved the application of it – nice a precise on the tops of my cheeks, etc.

Primark Eyebrow pencil

Me and my sister got one of these each, just to try out and see if it was any good. Normally I’m not a fan of eyebrow pencils, but this one is perfect! So perfect I’ve bought another one in another colour. So, I have shades Dark and Medium.

I love using this for when I quickly just want to fill my eyebrows in, when I’m running late for uni or I’m going to work. It has a spooly on the end too, so it’s really handy!

Because I loved this product, I also went out and bought some more Primark Beauty products, so look out for a review on those on here soon!

And those are all the products I have loved using the past month and have been reaching for most! I have used most of these every time I’ve applied makeup and they’ve not let me down! I 100% recommend all of these products!

I hope I’ve inspired you to try some of these products. Let me know your favourites in the comment or on Twitter!

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