Confessions of a Shopaholic: Body Shop Haul

Now, I don’t want to make this a regular occurrence, as that might just break my bank account, but I just can’t help it when there are amazing offers on!

Half of these things I bought online with my Body Shop member card (which I will go into more detail at the end of this post) which gave me 30% off as well as a free gift worth £21 when I spent £25… How could I pass that down?!

The other half I got from the Body Shop outlet when I went in with my Mum one weekend, and I think I got 35% off because I bought 3 things, so I just couldn’t resist!

All together this came to £39.07 with the online order coming to £25.90 and the in-store purchase coming to £13.17, but should have been £90.50!

Online Shop

Vitamin E eye cream (£11)

I bought this product as my under eye is getting very dark and droopy at the moment, probably due to the lack of sleep I love having! However, even at 20 years of age, I feel that fighting the signs of aging is an important ritual to begin as soon as possible!

This cream claims it hydrates the skin, reduces the appearance of fine lines and helps reduce puffiness.

I feel that this does moisturise under my eyes very well, and also I’ve noticed that my concealer doesn’t settle into my “fine lines” as much as it did before. However, I haven’t noticed much else, but I will continue using it.

Vitamin E Intense Moisture cream (£13)

From the same line as the eye cream above, I have wanted to try this out for a while, along with a number of other products from Vitamin E range (maybe one day I’ll do a full review on that line). Also, this is a “Best Seller” on the website, so I thought it must be good!

I have super dry skin, sometimes I use my normal moisturizer twice in a morning, so I thought this would be perfect on my extra dry days.

The first day I used it, I think I put a little too much on, as the day after I came out with an oily spot in the crease of my nose – gross! However, I also think being at work that day was to blame too, as I never, ever get spots, unless I have a long and sticky day at work!

Now, I try to make as little as possible stretch all over my face. It does make my skin feel really soft and hydrated all day!

Coconut Body Butter (£13)

Another “Best Seller”, I was eager to try out some of the body butters and I love the fresh, tropical scent of the coconut line, so this was my first choice. And a good choice it was – it smells amazing!

I used this after I showered using the coconut shower cream and then went to work. It made me so happy cause I smelt like I was on a topical island holiday, and then it made me sad when actually, I was just at work.


Ultra Fine Bath Lily (£2)

I love these things! I have never had one from The Body Shop, but I go through them like crazy! Not only do they make your shower gel last a lot longer and create tons of bubbles, but they help to exfoliate your skin too.

I haven’t used this one yet as I currently have one in the shower already, but I have heard good things about them. It’s really thick and feels soft enough not to irritate my sensitive skin too. The ones I buy usually only cost no more than 99p, most likely less, but fall apart in a few uses, so I may buy more of these as they seem really well made and sturdy. It looks like a winner in my eyes.

The last thing is, even though it was a free gift, I did get to pick my own colour – so pink was the obvious choice! There are seven different colour options on the website; enough to suit all tastes.

Strawberry Beautifying Oil (£9)

This product has so many uses I don’t actually know where to start with it! To be honest with you, I’m a little scared to use it! I don’t want to be an all over body oil slick afterwards.

I first used it on the ends of my hair, as some days I have really dry ends. I didn’t see too much of a difference, but I was scared of using too much! I then put a little bit on my arms after I showered, and that made my skin lovely and soft!

The only bad thing about this is the smell, I think it can smell a little “fake”, and I cannot stand that fake strawberry smell. If I had got the option of which Beautifying Oil I received, I would have chosen either the coconut or the shea scents, as they’re not as sweet and in-your-face sickly smelling. However if you like fruity, sweet smells, then this will be great for you!

I’ve included the Body Shop video for this product below, as I always go back to this when I’m unsure how to use this product, it’s full of useful tips!

Lip and Cheek Stain (£10)

This is something I usually would not want. I have never liked stains in the past, so I don’t buy them. But this was free, and firstly I would like to add that you got to choose which colour you wanted! I chose the Rose Pink, but there is also a colour called Coral. I’m glad I picked this one as I feel it really compliments my skin tone.

I would definitely try to use this on a more regular basis now that I’ve tried it, as it gives a natural blush which I prefer to powder blush products! Also the colour it gives on my lips is slightly more fuchsia/purpley look, which is one of my favourite for lipstains!

This is when I lightly used it on my lips and cheeks, but can also be built up to a stronger colour.

In-store Shop

The next two products I can’t find one the website, sorry guys! But look in-store (especially in the outlets) as they will most likely still have them!

Raspberry Body Butter (£13)

This literally smells like mashed up raspberries, or a raspberry smoothie! It is so yummy! It is very, very sweet though, sometimes a little bit too sickly for everyday use!

Vanilla Brulee Body Butter (£13)

As some of you may know if you have read my Body Shop Favourites post, then you will know that this scent is my favourite and if I ever find it in store I will buy it (limited edition for Christmas)! So, when I stumbled across this in the Outlet store, I needed to buy it! And it is my favourite scent out of all the body butters I bought!

It is such a lovely, subtle smell that’s just great for everyday wear. I wish I had bought two of these, as I know for a fact I will run out of this so quickly!

Rainforest Radiance Detangling Spray for coloured hair (£6.50)

I love this!! I use this along with the Rainforest Shine shampoo and Rainforest Moisture conditioner and my hair is so soft afterwards! It’s also so much better than any other highstreet products as it has no silicones, no colourants and no parabens!

And that is all I bought in these two little shopping trips!

I have bought more since, but I am planning of reviewing the products, so look out for that in the very near future!

As I said at the start of this post, I will now talk about the Body Shop member’s card. Basically, if you have one, you get 10% off all purchases online and in-store all year round. You also get a free £5 spend in the month of your birthday, on your 4th and 8th visits you receive free gifts of you choice of up to £5 and £10 respectively, as well as online events, such as this one where I got free gifts and 30% off my purchases. What’s even better is that if you’re a student it’s free (if you go into store and show your student ID) and if you go into the Outlet stores it’s also discounted (my mum got one during this shop and I think it cost her £1.70!)

For this haul I hoped you enjoyed the jazzy background, unlike the other week’s sight for sore eyes!

Once again, thanks for reading!


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