Obessions: My absolute favourite Body Shop products

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Now this is something that has slowly grown stronger over the past year, but I feel it’s finally time to admit it… I am addicted to Body Shop!!

Years ago, I hated the Body Shop after a soap my Mum bought from there brought me out in a rash, and I always deemed it as an “old lady” shop. However, my thoughts on it have took a total 180.

If you’re unfamiliar with Body Shop’s products, then hopefully this post will enlighten you into this fabulous animal cruelty free world!!

1. Vanilla Brulee (originally Vanilla Bliss)

This was were my addiction started… Christmas 2013 I bought some gifts from the limited edition Christmas gifts and just couldn’t resist buying myself some of the Vanilla Bliss body wash, and I was hooked! They’ve now changed it to Vanilla Brulee, but it smells exactly the same, maybe just a little nicer!

They do all sorts of products in this line, but my favourite are the body wash, the body scrub, the hand cream and the lip balm.

2. Lipscuff (£8)

I wanted to try this product for quite a while, but as a skint student, I couldn’t justify spending £8 on a lip balm that exfoliated when I could just use an old toothbrush. However, one of their many sales came along and I managed to grab it for half price! And I’m so glad I did!

Using this before putting on my lipstick not only makes my lips feel softer, but makes them look completely flawless; a big bonus to a matte lipstick fan like me.

3. All-in-one ™ INSTABLUR™ Universal (£14)

This is another thing I was dying to try, but didn’t like the price tag. But on Boxing Day I found myself in a Body Shop outlet, and got this with percentage off (cannot remember off the top of my head how much). And now I know why this is priced as it is!

At first, I’m going to be honest, it didn’t really work for me, but after a couple of uses, I figured it worked better slightly warm, and now I don’t think I will want to use anything else.

I find it gives a semi-matte finish, and it helps keep my makeup on to the point where I’ve been out clubbing or at work (sweaty waitress-ing) and my foundation is fully coming off when I clean my face! Foundation glides on like a dream too, gives an amazingly smooth base; I just love it!!

4. Eye Shimmer eye shadows

I think they may have discontinued these now, but you can occasionally find these in the outlet stores for about £3-£4 each (but always less if you buy more). They also do Shimmer Cube Palettes (£16), which look similar to the singles I have. There is also the Colour Crush eyeshadow (£7 each) collection, which from looking at the website, has similar looking shades also.

I have four shades – 02 which is a white with a gold pearlescent, 04 which is white with a pink/purple pearlescent, 08 which is a bronze colour and 32 which is a dark brown silver shimmer.

They are so soft and creamy feeling even though they are a powder, and they are so easy to work with and blend beautifully! If you can find these in shops I highly recommend getting some of these before they’re gone!!

5. Ginger Anti-dandruff shampoo (£6 for 400ml)

I originally bought this for my boyfriend, as a last effort at curing his awful chronic dandruff. Although it hasn’t completely cured it, it does make his hair lovely and soft and it smells AMAZING! So good that I sometimes use it on my hair when I feel it needs a bit more of a “deep clean”, it leaves my naturally curly (*frizzy) hair so soft and manageable, better than any shampoo I’ve ever used really!

There are still some products that I’ve bought and I’m still trying them out, or have yet to even try them (that’s how obsessed I am, I have a backlog of Body Shop), so my favourites may grow or even change in the coming months, so look out for the updated version! 😉

I would just like to add, I have rather sensitive skin which can become irritated with strongly scented products, however Body Shop doesn’t have this effect on my skin, no matter how yummy everything smells! Result!

Finally, I hope that this helps any Body Shop virgins out there dive into the world of more natural, safer and kinder (cruelty free, yeah!!) beauty and skincare products that they have to offer you, as I know it can be kind of daunting walking into a Body Shop! If in doubt, ask the lovely assistants for help or advice, they are more than happy to help!

Let me know your favourites and any recommendation in the comments!


(P.S – I have just ordered a number of things from The Body Shop today, so look out for that haul probably posted in the coming weeks! #obsessed)

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